Latest ransomware Attack in India?

Are Your Computer and Data Being Affected by the Latest Ransomware Attacks in India❔

Latest Ransomware Attacks in India Is a Cause of Concern For All Computers Users Everywhere! The biggest threat to computers is the fact that more of them are getting infected with viruses and spyware. This is the case for all computers across the world. However, in India, the situation is more serious than in most other countries.

The hackers have been known to distribute malicious software to infect all the computers of a company. They have also become much sophisticated to deal with the ever-growing competition in the IT field. As per the statistics provided by the government of India, over ninety-five percent of the network infrastructure of the country is in use for business.

The hackers also make a lot of changes in the software for the new versions of the malware. This means that new versions of the software can be downloaded easily from the internet. There are various reasons why you should not open an email from an unknown sender. You will want to check out for the latest news from your boss if any.

Also, the emails that are used for the communication between the boss and his employees are the most vulnerable to this kind of threat. There is a possibility that the message may contain a link that leads to the hackers who can compromise your emails in some way or the other.

The only thing that can stop these hackers is if they manage to get hold of reliable anti-virus software that can find out the malicious software. If your computer is using a popular antivirus application on it, you need to immediately take action. In the current scenario of India, the government has been spending a huge amount of money to create strong antivirus protection.

It is also suggested by the software manufacturers that every computer user should be updated about the latest threats from the internet. The best software available for this purpose is Xoftspyse. It comes as a free download from the internet and is capable of detecting and removing the most common infections on your system.

This software is also a highly advanced one that will enable the users to deal with the modern threat. such as Trojans, worms, and adware. Since there is a high chance that the latest versions of the malware will be released, it is always advisable to be vigilant at all times.

To reduce the risk of latestware attacks in India, you will want to keep an eye on your mail and social media accounts. Also the internet settings should be monitored closely so that they are not changed without your knowledge. There are many other methods that you can adopt if you want to remove the malicious software from your computer and also have the chance to secure your emails and data.

What to do if you receive a threat

Do not panic and do not pay the ransom: Paying ransom only encourages bad actors—and there’s no guarantee that they won’t attack your network now or later.

Notify local law enforcement: They will also likely request a copy of the ransom letter that you received.

How to prepare now for this threat

Ensure your network infrastructure is protected: These attacks are targeting both web properties as well as network infrastructure.

Enable DDoS alerts: If you are on a Cloudflare paid plan, you can be notified immediately in the case of an attack on your Cloudflare protected Internet-property. 

Precautions to take from Latest ransomware Attack in India

❔ The first option that you should consider is to use a reliable software solution. The software should be capable of detecting all the malware attacks and block them before they enter your system. There are other options like a dedicated antivirus and firewall software solution that can do the task for you.

❔ The second option is to use free software that is available online. This type of solution does not have the capacity to detect malicious software or protect your files from hackers. However, it can scan and remove the infection so that is present on your computer.

❔ For any malware attack, there is always software that will stop it before it can do any harm. The third option is to use traditional methods of prevention. These methods include creating an automated spam blocker.

❔ You can also run an anti-virus program on your daily basis and you can update it regularly to keep your computer free from the latest attacks. There is no doubt that you can stop the attack completely using the anti-malware software. If you do not have time to spend on maintaining your computers, you can also hire professional help from companies that offer their services for your security and safety.


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